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Genfarm Triadimenol T Flowable Seed Dressing

For the control or suppression of various diseases of wheat, barley and oats

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Genfarm Fluzole Seed Treatment

For the control of a range of foliar and head diseases in wheat and barley, plus the Suppression of take-all and septoria tritici blotch in wheat and blackleg in canola.

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Genfarm Clothi-I Insecticide

For the control of various insect pests in a range of crops

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Genfarm Tebu T Flowable Fungicide/Insecticide Seed Treatment

For control of bunt, flag smut and loose smut i9n wheat. For control of covered and loose smut of barley. For control of covered and loose smut for Oats. For protection against insect pests of stored seed grain.

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