About Us

We are committed to creating affordable crop protection and enhancement products that utilise the very latest research and development to give your crops the care and defence they need to thrive.

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What We Do

Our suite of innovative and economically priced agriculture products come with the backing of Australia’s leading agribusiness, Nutrien Ag Solutions. With Nutrien Ag Solutions behind us, we are able to concentrate on developing our products through specialised research into the active ingredients that will get the best result, while still remaining affordable.


Our Goal

As the Australian crop protection industry consolidates and reduces the amount of high quality brands and products, our goal is to stand tall and offer a diverse range of products that suit all needs. Maintaining quality products by using the very best ingredients and testing meticulously, we are able to help Australian farmers get the very best results from their crops.


Nutrien Ag Solutions is Australia’s leading agribusiness

With more than 150 years experience in the Australian agriculture industry, we know farming. Our expertise, backed by our passionate, dedicated team, makes us the number one choice to help you grow your agribusiness.