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When it comes to protecting your crops from pests and disease, we use the highest quality materials and formulations to create innovative products at competitive prices.

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Our products

Our range keeps your crops covered. Offering herbicides, pesticides and insecticides for protection against insects, mice, fungus and disease, as well as adjuvants to maximise their effectiveness, our products will protect your yield and give you the best results.

Crop Protection

Everyday your crops are at risk of attack from pests and diseases. Our range of innovative crop and plant protection chemicals and pesticides ensures that you come out on top, and ensure the best results from your crops.


We understand that pest activity in your crops can cause critical damage to the success and livelihood of your plants.

That’s why we offer effective baiting solutions that work to reduce and ultimately eliminate pest populations in your crops, ensuring healthy growth and maximum productivity.

Cotton Crop Products

Cotton is a delicate fiber that requires perfect conditions and disciplined agricultural practices to get the best results.

Our range of cotton crop products are designed to regulate the growth of cotton and allow for a quicker and more efficient harvest.


Our spray adjuvant products are designed to enhance the effectiveness and performance of pesticides and herbicides used on your crops.

With multiple crop types and herbicides covered by our adjuvants, you know you’ll get the most beneficial crop protection.

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