About Us

The Genfarm brand is part of the Landmark stable of proprietary products and has been formed to service the Australian farming community through the provision of innovative and economically priced farm chemicals.

The Australian crop protection industry has consolidated in the last few years, decreasing the number of high quality brands in the market. Our aim is to increase the choices available to the Australian farming community by offering a high quality and diverse range of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides at competitive prices.

Genfarm is committed to:

  • Providing economical, effective and high quality products.
  • Researching new formulations to enhance the efficiency of existing active ingredients currently in use.
  • Building and maintaining effective partnerships with suppliers, retailers and Australian farmers.
  • Continually updating and improving our product range.

All Genfarm products have been made using the highest quality raw materials and formulations, monitored and tested to guarantee both product quality and integrity and are being sold at economical and efficient prices to assist the Australian farming community to remain competitive in today's global environment.