Cotton Crop Products

Cotton is a delicate fiber that requires perfect conditions and disciplined agricultural practices to get the best results. Our range of cotton crop products are designed to regulate the growth of cotton and allow for a quicker and more efficient harvest.

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Genfarm Flume 500 WG Herbicide

  For rapid knockdown and control of various grass and broadleaved weeds when mixed with certain glyphosate or paraquat/diquat herbicides, and for control of volunteer cotton when applied alone, prior to sowing cotton and its rotation crops, or for rapid knockdown and control of various…

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Genfarm Thidiazuron 500 Cotton Defoliant

For the defoliation of cotton prior to harvest.

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Genfarm Mepiquat 38 Cotton Growth Regulator

For the control of excessive vegetative growth in cotton.

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Genfarm Ethephon 720 Growth Regulator

For accelerated boll opening, defoliation and pre-conditioning before defoliation of cotton.

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